USA Headquarters

Swiss Bianco was established in 1995 as a design and development of steel products, located in Worb, Switzerland. With more than a decade in research and design of high quality knives that has established a reputation of notable skill and expertise, Mr. Remund - a certified blacksmith - will expand his business by focusing on the North American market.

Mr. Remund is the founder and the creative acumen whose innovative knives have been widely accepted in North America. "By establishing a U.S. headquarters, I will be able to address the specific needs of the North American market," says Roger Remund. "We have entered into a number of design agreements with some of the larger knife companies in North America, and we need to work closely with them."

To commemorate the establishment of the U.S. headquarters, Swiss Bianco USA will bring to market a limited edition knife called the "Independence" which will be available during the Blade Show 2008 in Atlanta.

Swiss Bianco USA plans to follow with other innovative products that Mr. Remund has identified as a desired features or functions from his interaction with end-users and collectors.

"Timberline is very enthusiastic about our relationship with Swiss Bianco USA," says John Anthon, owner of Timberline. "Roger has created a number of formative knives for Timberline that complement our current product offerings."

Mr. Remund has also become associated with ABANA (Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America) to further the Blacksmith craft and in hopes of offering an apprenticeship program for anyone interested in becoming a journeyman in this field of endeavor.

For more information, visit Swiss Bianco's Web site at ''. The site offers more details about the company, the products and services that make Swiss Bianco an innovative leader.