Silvia Remund-Kuster

Young Harris, GA, April 1, 2013 - in March 2013 my mother, Silvia Remund-Kuster, unexpectedly passed away in Worb, Switzerland shortly before she was to immigrate to the US. The exact cause of, and date of death remain unclear; as the Swiss bureaucrats are unwilling to share any details with me, her closest relative, to this day. After many appeals for simple facts, they continue to refuse.
My mother was born in Diepoldsau, a small Swiss village near the Austrian border. Her difficult life started during the years of WWII. There was little time for her to enjoy the fun things and times of youth. From the age that she was first able to work, her mother put her to use doing all kinds of housework, yard work, farm work and more. Her sister and brother where of no help. My mother left home as soon she was 18, the age of adulthood in Switzerland, and relocated to a different
area of the country in search of a better life.
Things were somewhat better for my mother, but life in Switzerland was always challenging. Soon she began experiencing health problems ranging from a serious heart attack to coma and later cancer. She always tried to do the best she could despite the challenges that she faced. And she always did her best to encourage me and to support my dream of freedom in the US, one which she shared as well.
Unfortunately her untimely passing precluded her from her planned visit and immigration.
I want to extend heartfelt thanks to all those who helped her throughout her life. I also want to express how much that I truly pity all those involved the cover-up of my mother's death, the improper disposal of her personal property, the illegal conversion of her personal assets as well as our joint assets and my personal assets. I know that the evil that they have committed and the crimes that they have engaged in will be answered in the form of legal punishment and true justice later in their lives. Investigations are ongoing and the results will be posted internationally.