About Us - English

Roger Swiss Bianco - Founder 

Roger was born in central Switzerland to Sylvia Kuster, an office administrator.  He received his schooling there in Switzerland.  In 1984, Roger began his apprenticeship in blacksmithing. Roger struck out on his own in 1988 after receiving his blacksmith's certification.

Roger served in the Swiss Army as a military policeman from 1990 to 1996. In Switzerland, the majority of the military work assignments are served in blocks of time rather than all together. This allowed Roger to receive training from experts in knives and firearms while still working in his chosen vocation of metalwork.  Roger held various leadership roles during his army career, both as squad leader and in sharing his skills as a trainer of firearms.  Roger applied his skills in numerous venues early in his career in order to support himself, but he always knew that someday he would create his own company.

It was in the spring of 1995 while working as a freelance metalworker that Roger decided to create Swiss Bianco, a company for new Swiss Army Knives.  Roger took the research and experience he had accumulated since he first began his metal working in 1990 and applied it toward a vision of a new type of knife.  He knew this new knife would be of value to the type of individuals who require an exceptionally crafted tool known for its durability and quality.  This knife became the basis of the Swiss Bianco product line.  Roger is continually studying and researching new ways to make the world class knives that have become known as Swiss Bianco. 

After attending the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia for a number of years, Roger moved to the United States in 2007 and moved his company there once he had received his green card.  Roger became a United States citizen in 2015, living and working in north Georgia to achieve his goals of making Swiss Bianco the best source for new Swiss Knives.


 Alexei Fox - Swiss Bianco Canada

Alexei Fox has been fascinated with the versatility, engineering, and quality of Swiss Army Knives (SAKs) since childhood. Alexei started collecting SAKs in the early 2000s and discovered Swiss Bianco Yeoman and alox Lumberjack in 2007. After the first edition of the Swiss Bianco Newsletter in September 2007, he offered his assistance with editing and hosting the future newsletters and has been doing it since. In June 2011, Alexei helped Swiss Bianco to establish our first international branch, Swiss Bianco Canada (www.swissbianco.ca), which he now manages along with Swiss Bianco's eBay presence ("swiss_bianco_canada" eBay user). 


Micah Geiger – Art Department

Born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Micah is an engineering technician and draftsman by trade. Micah was brought into the Swiss Bianco family in 2006 after inquiring about a special tool available from Roger.  Though he's worked on many large construction projects, from ballparks and stadiums to infrastructure and bridges, he finds something amazingly satisfying about the metric precision and geometry in the design of our products.


Michael Gordon – Marketing and Sales

Michael and Roger (SwissBianco) became acquainted through the passion of the Swiss Army Knife (SAK).  In 2005, a transaction for an aluminum handled (alox) SAK made the connection for shared common interests and future business opportunities.

A corporate finance professional in the Silicon Valley by trade, Michael also has experience in product management, marketing and business development.  A target sports & hunting enthusiast, cutlery & firearms collector, and entrepreneur, Michael’s current role with SwissBianco includes product development, marketing, and sales.


Evan Adams - Business Development, Apprentice Smith

Evan and Roger (SwissBianco) met at SHOT Show 2009 and soon started collaborating on custom firearms and tactical electronics. In addition to acting as an in-house consultant and product engineer Evan is apprenticed as a gun and blacksmith.

Evan's past expertise is in software and hardware engineering, chemistry, and marketing. He has taken multiple start ups and enterprise products from concept to successful execution and looks forward to applying his experience to building SwissBianco as an internationally recognized provider of high quality equipment.