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Swiss Bianco 1911 GrooveTac GripsTM

Product Code:Swiss Bianco 1911 GrooveTac GripsTM

Swiss Bianco 1911 GrooveTac GripsTM
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These attractive grips are the innovation of SwissBianco.  These grips anchor to your hand and provide

retention effectiveness even in water, dirt and sand, but without the over-aggressive “cheese grater”

effect that some grips have.

The texture of the GrooveTacTM grips provide a comfortable purchase for your hand whether for

range, carry, tactical or competition.  The unique and specific pattern of grooves provides a very secure

grip with an attractive and unique look that is enhanced by using G10 material.

GrooveTacTM grips are slightly thinner than standard 1911 grips.  This “intermediate” size enhances

versatility by being easier to hold for improved control while offering a grip slim enough for those with

smaller hands.  Due to the thinner size, these grips are best used with allen/hex or torx head grip

screws.  Standard slot grip screws may require slim grip bushings for best fit.

The current offering of GrooveTacTM grips are for single side safety only.  Ambi safety models

anticipated for Spring 2014.

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