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Press Releases

Press Releases

SwissBianco Press Release: The passing of my mother, Silvia Remund-Kuster

Young Harris, GA, April 1, 2013 - in March 2013 my mother, Silvia
Remund-Kuster, unexpectedly passed away in Worb, Switzerland shortly
before she was to immigrate to the US. The exact cause of, and date of
death remain unclear; as the Swiss bureaucrats are unwilling to share
any details with me, her closest relative, to this day. After many
appeals for simple facts, they continue to refuse.
My mother was born in Diepoldsau, a small Swiss village near the
Austrian border. Her difficult life started during the years of WWII.
There was little time for her to enjoy the fun things and times of
youth. From the age that she was first able to work, her mother put her
to use doing all kinds of housework, yard work, farm work and more. Her
sister and brother where of no help. My mother left home as soon she was
18, the age of adulthood in Switzerland, and relocated to a different
area of the country in search of a better life.
Things were somewhat better for my mother, but life in Switzerland was
always challenging. Soon she began experiencing health problems ranging
from a serious heart attack to coma and later cancer. She always tried
to do the best she could despite the challenges that she faced. And she
always did her best to encourage me and to support my dream of freedom
in the US, one which she shared as well.
Unfortunately her untimely passing precluded her from her planned visit
and immigration.
I want to extend heartfelt thanks to all those who helped her throughout
her life. I also want to express how much that I truly pity all those
involved the cover-up of my mother's death, the improper disposal of her
personal property, the illegal conversion of her personal assets as well
as our joint assets and my personal assets. I know that the evil that
they have committed and the crimes that they have engaged in will be
answered in the form of legal punishment and true justice later in their
lives. Investigations are ongoing and the results will be posted

Swiss Bianco Announces New Location, New Products

 SwissBianco Press Release Re: FFL October 2011

Young Harris, GA, October first, 2011 - The Swiss Bianco company is pleased to announce the issuance of an FFL (Federal Firearms License) to our company during the summer of 2011.  A Federal Firearms License is a license that enables a company to engage in a business pertaining to the manufacture of firearms and ammunition or the interstate and intrastate sale of firearms. Holding an FFL to engage in these activities has been a legal requirement within the United States  since the enactment of the Gun Control Act of 1968.

In addition to selling and importing arms as well as manufacturing ammunition, I am now permitted to Splash Anodize registered firearms for both the US and international marketplace.

In Switzerland, I studied and tested for many years with firearms of all types, including Class 3 weapons. However the Swiss government never gave me the authorization I required to properly do work within all the areas of my fields of expertise. They would never grant me the proper licenses nor paperwork; not only for complete firearms work, but not even for all the different aspects of knifemaking. I do not refer to automatic knives here; I mean liner-locks and common locking  mechanisms on blades of average length.

I spent a great deal of time and effort trying to satisfy the license requirements of the Swiss. With each new rejection, I attempted to satisfy each new requirement. Sadly, I met constant reoccurring frustration.

Then I came to The US where there is freedom and opportunity; where most people are truly friendly and helpful. I worked hard and I met several great people who helped me direct my efforts. When I had settled in long enough, I applied for an American FFL. I was so happy to find that the ATF agent was also truly friendly and helpful; giving me advice on matters whenever I needed it. And within a very short time, the trouble-free process was complete.

With the help of these good people and the creativity that providence gave me, it is now possible to work in surroundings that are positive, nurturing and encouraging as opposed to the negative atmosphere of Switzerland.

There was one thing that made this extra special for me. The day I went to town to pick up my mail and received my FFL was July 4th, American Independence Day! That really made me feel at home right here in the USA.

Swiss Bianco is a knife and firearm design company.






SwissBianco is making a new start in the North Georgia mountains after its old location in McDonough, GA was burglarized. Says Mr. Remund, SwissBianco President and CEO, "I was out of the country when this happened. As the police and I found out (I am retired Swiss military police), my business partner and landlord's daughter appears to be involved. This has led to my decision to relocate away from the area. The daughter is charged with burglary.  Not knowing my former business partner's involvement has made the situation unacceptable to me.  As a result Steve Macke is no longer associated in any way with me or my company".

Because of the move and the additional work caused by this crime, the company was effectively shut down for a number of weeks. It is in the process of beginning company operations in the new area.

SwissBianco has some good news, too.  Mr. Elsener, owner of Victorinox and Wenger Swiss army knives recently gave the OK for some exciting new products that were not available before, and that Swissbianco will finish them as limited edition runs. Specifically, we will get the alox Bushcrafter, a 93mm SAK, and alox Rambler, a 58mm SAK, in different colors and never before on the market. We will also have the original Victorinox Swiss army knife assembly machine at the Blade Show in Atlanta in summer 2010. Mr. Remund says, "Even during these tough times I am still feeling absolutely positive about my being here in the USA, working hard on our goals, and I am sure we will reach them. The company is now off to a new start and a better direction".

For more information, visit Swiss Bianco's Web site at http://www.swissbianco.com. The site offers more details about the company, the products and services that make Swiss Bianco an innovative leader. Updates on Swissbianco products and events can also be found in our newsletter at http://www.inmentis.com/SwissBianco/


Swiss Bianco Announces USA Headquarters in McDonough, Georgia: Founder Roger Remund Invests in America

Swiss Bianco was established in 1995 as a design and development of steel products, located in Worb, Switzerland. With more than a decade in research and design of high quality knives that has established a reputation of notable skill and expertise, Mr. Remund - a certified blacksmith - will expand his business by focusing on the North American market.

Mr. Remund is the founder and the creative acumen whose innovative knives have been widely accepted in North America. "By establishing a U.S. headquarters, I will be able to address the specific needs of the North American market," says Roger Remund. "We have entered into a number of design agreements with some of the larger knife companies in North America, and we need to work closely with them."

To commemorate the establishment of the U.S. headquarters, Swiss Bianco USA will bring to market a limited edition knife called the "Independence" which will be available during the Blade Show 2008 in Atlanta.

Swiss Bianco USA plans to follow with other innovative products that Mr. Remund has identified as a desired features or functions from his interaction with end-users and collectors.

"Timberline is very enthusiastic about our relationship with Swiss Bianco USA," says John Anthon, owner of Timberline. "Roger has created a number of formative knives for Timberline that complement our current product offerings."

Mr. Remund has also become associated with ABANA (Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America) to further the Blacksmith craft and in hopes of offering an apprenticeship program for anyone interested in becoming a journeyman in this field of endeavor.

For more information, visit Swiss Bianco's Web site at 'http://www.swissbianco.com'. The site offers more details about the company, the products and services that make Swiss Bianco an innovative leader.

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